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Artisan Makers of Natural Smooth Seed Butters In Australia

SUNPITA® artisan seed butter is a unique and original
carefully crafted blend of premium grade sunflower seeds and pumpkin kernels, also known as pepitas. The select seeds are slow roasted, finely stone ground, and perfectly blended to release the deep, rich, and creamy flavours of the seeds. Free from peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and animal products, we have crafted this smooth and delicious premium seed butter with the highest care and quality.
Please enjoy!

Locally Made Unique Artisan Seed Butters

We understand that many people are looking for something special and have difficulty finding products that meet special dietary needs, whether it is allergy concerns about tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, preservatives or artificial ingredients, or looking for foods free from animal products, we took all that into account when creating our unique and original SUNPITA® seed butters.  Sunflowers and Pepitas are well known as healthy foods and a perfect combination for a nutritious and delicious seed butter spread.  Our “with cocoa” artisan seed butter has double the protein and half the sugar when compared to leading brand chocolate hazelnuts spreads. Our “classic” artisan seed butter has a hint of sugar and salt for people looking for a delicious peanut butter replacement that does not have the allergy concerns of peanuts or tree nuts.  Our “No Added Sugar or Salt” artisan seed butter is simply power packed with goodness for people who are looking for low-carb choices, keto diets, or just love the taste of roasted seeds as they are.  We hope you enjoy these special recipes all made with care

Makers of Unique Seed Butters, inspired by the nutrition power and delicious taste of these amazing little seeds, we created artisan butters that give a punch of nutrient packed goodness for a meal, in baking, or a quick on the run snack.  At home, school, work, or on the go, Sunpita is your perfect choice.  Please enjoy!

About us

Made In a Nut Free Facility with Quality Seed


With Healthy Seed Protein and Nutrients


Australian made specialty gifts for all to enjoy. FREE of all nuts! Suitable for almost every dietary requirement.

*Compared to chocolate hazelnut spreads

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